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Please note our website URL has changed. We can now be found at nbco.localgov.ie

Welcome to the Building Control Management System (BCMS). A Commencement Notice is required to give notice to Building Control Authorities of the erection of buildings, or classes of buildings, or the carrying out of works, or classes of works, as may be specified in the regulations. A building or works may also require a Fire Safety Certificate Application, a Disability Access Certificate Application and/or a Certificate of Compliance on Completion. For specific works or buildings an application for a Dispensation from or a Relaxation of a requirement to the building regulations may be appropriate. Each Owner, Designer, Builder and Assigned Certifier must first register/sign up with the BCMS to make a submission or accept a role. S.I. 9 of 2014 recommends this BCMS site as the preferred means of electronic building control administration.


BCMS Notice - Christmas Closure Period for Commencement Notices, 7 Day Notices, and Applications (Fire Safety Certificates, Disability Access Certificates, Dispensations, and Relaxations).

The BCMS will be closed to the submission of Commencement Notices, 7 Day Notices, and Applications (including Further Information or Revised Information) from 11:59 pm on the 21st December 2021 to 12:01 am on the 1st January 2022.

Certificates of Compliance on Completion will not be added to the Register between 21st December 2021 and 4th January 2022, and you should bear this in mind when submitting a Nominated Date for Registration of Certificate under Article 20F(8).

Please liaise with your Local Building Control Authority if you have any queries, particularly in relation to the submission of 7 Day Notices.


COVID-19 Notice

S.I. No. 156 of 2021 Building Control (commencement notices) (Residential and Childcare Services Construction) Regulations 2021 and Phased Easing of Restrictions.

Having regard to the immediate, exceptional and manifest risk posed to human life and public health by the spread of Covid-19, you should also refer to Section 6(2) of S.I. 4 of 2021 HEALTH ACT 1947 (SECTION 31A - Temporary Restrictions)(COVID-19) (No. 10) (Amendment) Regulations 2021, prior to submission.